Secure Document Destruction

Are you currently letting your staff choose between confidential shredding and recycling?

If you are, you could be putting your business, customers, suppliers and staff at risk. By law the information your business creates, receives and processes must be destroyed compliantly. As well as being a legal obligation, with every organisation susceptible to a data breach, confidential shredding is essential to the confidentiality of your customers, employees and others who trust you with their personal information. Whilst not to mention protecting the reputation of your brand, intellectual property and competitive information.

Don’t take the risk…

Avoid costly mistakes and protect your business from large fines by taking the decision away from your staff and use our secure document destruction service, which allows staff to deposit ALL of their paper waste into locked consoles for shredding and recycling. Encouraging a ‘zero risk’ culture for security and compliance, whilst enhancing your company’s Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) as all of the paper that is shredded is recycled back into paper products for the future.

Enhance your Corporate and Social Responsibility

Upon using our service, we will provide you with a quarterly environmental impact report that details the exact quantity of trees, landfill waste, electricity, CO2 and water your business has saved.

On or off-site shredding service to match your requirements

With our modern fleet of mobile-shredding vehicles and secure collection trucks, we can carry out the secure destruction of your paper waste, either immediately at your site or off-site at one of our destruction centres.

For more information on what can and cannot be placed in our bins please click here.

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