CSR & Environment

CSR & Environment

At OfficeTeam, Corporate and Social Responsibility is all about providing customers with excellent value and service in the most socially and sustainable way. Our commitment to this is embedded into our everyday business activity through our brand values.

We have some exciting initiatives planned to help local communities across the UK. Including helping customers with community projects they are working on, supporting local initiatives and introducing our ‘Charity of Choice’ scheme. We recognise that we have a responsibility to promote various environmental, social and economic issues through our business operations. The following are key areas of our strategy.

Ethical Trading

Our ethical trading policy ensures that everyone in the supply chain benefits from trading with us. This means good health and safety standards, fair pay and employment conditions alongside high workplace standards. We only purchase from reputable businesses that provide human rights for their full workforce and have no links to oppressive regimes.

Corporate Responsibility

OfficeTeam support businesses who take a responsible position with regard to fair trade and labour rights through their supply chain. In order to enhance our links with local communities, we strive to recruit local talent where possible and our support for charities and organisations reflect our social and environmental principles.

Lending a helping hand

At OfficeTeam, each of our 998 employees is given one day a year to volunteer on a community project of their choice. That’s a total of 7,984 hours which we will be dedicating to a good cause. In addition, we understand that not everyone can afford to take a day off work. Therefore we offer each of our staff a fully paid working day at the expense of OfficeTeam to help.

If you have a project you would like us to help with, let your Account Manager know!

Environment, Recycling & Packaging

The environment is an important aspect of our policies so we actively support recycling and sustainable waste management, renewable and efficient energy, sustainable natural products and reaching the goal of ecological sustainability. We actively promote and achieve our goals of recycling products and materials, as well as reducing the amount of packaging associated with our product deliveries.

Responsible Purchasing

OfficeTeam operate a quality purchasing policy, working with our suppliers to encourage their participation in environmental best practice. This includes minimising the impact of transportation and product development on the environment with a focus on sustainability and recycling opportunities.


We operate a non discrimination policy to create a diverse and enjoyable work atmosphere.


OfficeTeam is dedicated to building a sustainable future and aim to reduce any detrimental impacts our business activities cause to the local and wider environment. To do this, we have set clear objectives to help reduce our CO2 and waste output which have delivered sustainable results leading to direct environmental savings.