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One of the biggest crimes afflicting the UK today is that of fraud. Whilst it is difficult to disclose the true cost of fraud, it is estimated to be costing UK businesses as much as £193 billion annually. Fraud is… Read more

“For every minute spent organising, an hour is earned” – Benjamin Franklin Every office worker is different; their personalities, their dos and don’ts and whether they’re organised or not. But one thing is consistent amongst employees, the state of where… Read more

Steve Jobs famously altered the design of the Apple Headquarters to ensure that the wash rooms and shared spaces were at the centre of the open plan layout, as he wanted to force chance encounters and encourage serendipity. Not every… Read more

With retirement ages steadily increasing, it is expected that the majority of the UK’s workforce will comprise four generations by 2020. While this will bring the opportunity for businesses to fuse the skills and experience of their seasoned workers with… Read more

In a time of uncertain economic conditions, all businesses are under pressure to keep a tight control over their costs; however, keeping costs down can be particularly difficult for SMEs with fewer resources making it difficult for expenditure to be… Read more

Minimalism is making a comeback. Today, it describes a mass movement of people seeking to reconnect with what matters – and cast away the possessions, behaviours and choices that stand in the way. Applying this outlook to the workplace can… Read more

After more than 30 years, the £1 coin will finally be replaced in March with a new, distinctive 12-sided coin. Due to the evolution of sophisticated counterfeits, the current £1 has become increasingly vulnerable. With approximately one in 30 £1… Read more