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Your computer system may be compromised in many ways, whether this is from individual accidents or failed software; but there is one risk which causes more damage than most and creates more uncertainties; that is the risk of cyber threat.… Read more

Steve Jobs famously altered the design of the Apple Headquarters to ensure that the wash rooms and shared spaces were at the centre of the open plan layout, as he wanted to force chance encounters and encourage serendipity. Not every… Read more

Minimalism is making a comeback. Today, it describes a mass movement of people seeking to reconnect with what matters – and cast away the possessions, behaviours and choices that stand in the way. Applying this outlook to the workplace can… Read more

After more than 30 years, the £1 coin will finally be replaced in March with a new, distinctive 12-sided coin. Due to the evolution of sophisticated counterfeits, the current £1 has become increasingly vulnerable. With approximately one in 30 £1… Read more

The countdown to Christmas inevitably means the famous or infamous (in some cases!) work Christmas party. In preparation you may have pulled out all the stops to shape up, glam up and get ‘dressed to the nines’. After a long… Read more

Last week, Chancellor Philip Hammond announced an end to ‘unfair’ tax reliefs attached to a range of employee benefits accessed through salary sacrifice schemes, including gym memberships, health checks and mobile phone contracts. The move is set to cost employers… Read more

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change” – Stephen Hawking Mobile working, also known as remote working, is the process of employees carrying out their work duties away from the usual office place. Some mobile workers, like sales managers… Read more

“Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions” – Pablo Picasso Are you aware that your surroundings have an influence on your emotions and state of mind? Are there certain places, objects or noises which affect your mood, some… Read more

Music is arguably the most popular human invention of all time, dating back thousands of years and continually evolving throughout time. The construction of music is creative genius, but can music itself impact our own creativity and productivity? We often… Read more