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In an age where we can work, communicate and store documents electronically, companies are spending less and less on traditional office products. Yet, when it comes to consumer stationery, the market is booming.  Why are stationery and greeting cards winning… Read more

Click on the infographic below to download your very own printable OfficeTeam tea chart   Download the OfficeTeam tea chart for your office kitchen   References,5753,-1779,00.html,5753,-25502,00.html

Preserving the environment is everyone’s responsibility, from individuals to businesses. We have a duty to ensure we are acting in a way which doesn’t have a negative impact on our environment. Whilst many businesses are already doing the basics, such… Read more

Information security is a primary concern for businesses, with high profile attacks putting the threat of hacks, cybercrime and data breach firmly on the boardroom agenda. A plethora of sensitive information will pass through a law firm from tax information… Read more